Spleeter Privacy Statement

Spleeter is an app for audio extraction of accompaniment, vocals and musical instruments. It is easy to use the following permissions and information on your mobile phone during use.

APP requests permission for the phone.

     1. Microphone permission

     Spleeter will request microphone permission to record audio.

     2. Album permissions

     Spleeter will request the permission of the album to export the audio in the extracted video.

     3. Location permissions

     Spleeter will request positioning permission to mark the location information of the audio and display it in the audio properties.

     4. Music library permissions

     Spleeter will request music library permissions to be edited by exporting music files from the iTunes music library.

User device information collection

When you use "Feedback" to contact us to send us an email, we may collect information about your phone's iOS system version, and easy-to-cut version information, device type information, etc. to help us solve the problem.

Ad serving (free version only)

In the ad version, Spleeter uses third-party ad serving technology. This technology uses some method to gather information while advertising through our services. We or third parties running ad serving technology may use demographic and location information and log information obtained from your hardware or devices to ensure that appropriate ads are presented in our services. We or third parties may collect, but are not limited to, IP addresses (including but not limited to the purpose for your rough positioning), device identifiers, MAC, software, applications, hardware, browser information, Internet and online usage information and games. Internal information. The above information may be used and disclosed in accordance with this policy and the privacy policy of the company providing advertising technology. You acknowledge and accept that the advertising company that advertises for us can combine the information it collects with the information they collect independently from other services or products. These companies collect and use information in accordance with their own privacy policies. Their ad serving technology is integrated into our services; if you do not accept the technology, please do not install, use, register or otherwise access our services. While we will use commercially reasonable efforts to direct these advertising companies to comply with this policy, we are unable to access and control third party technologies and are therefore not responsible for them.

By downloading Spleeter, you agree to the terms of the advertisement.


Spleeter Team